My Journey from Pain to Peace

 Let me take you “behind the scenes” for a glimpse at the inspiration behind my journey as a healer.

In 2003 I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic musculoskeletal disorder characterized by widespread pain. For several years, I had very low energy, had difficulty sleeping, and regularly experienced persistent illnesses (such as colds, etc). I felt absolutely exhausted. I was in constant pain and had little energy to spare for work or relationships.

At the time, I didn’t realize - or should I say, refused to admit - that I was, in actuality, depressed. I felt hopeless and, as a result, resorted to various over the counter and prescription drugs, as well as alcohol and recreational drugs. After several years of gripping side effects and little relief, I decided to pursue a more holistic approach to healing.

An illness can be a beautiful thing. It allows us to recognize that we have physical or emotional needs that aren’t being met. From such recognition sprang a desire to learn all that I could about the human body and holistic health practices. My journey seeking a healthy, balanced life continues to be an ongoing process, defined by my desire to live peacefully, with calmness and clarity.

On my quest to find natural alternatives for healing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, I spent years studying healthy eating, natural healing, and mind-body connection. I discovered that the body has the natural ability to heal itself. Free from fibromyalgia (including all prescription drugs) I now feel happier, healthier and more vibrant than I did 15 years ago!

Through a combination of healthy eating, Reiki, chakra balancing, essential oils and a deeper connection to the divine, I have found my path to successful self-healing. I am so grateful that I discovered these healing tools and found a way to heal myself on all levels. It has brought unimaginable growth, peace and expansion to all areas of my life.


During my healing process, I noticed immediate improvements in my physical health, including reduced pain and fatigue, when I started eating mostly plant-based, whole foods. The use of essential oils improved my emotional wellbeing, helped me connect with my spirit more deeply, and also improved the quality of my sleep.

My life was forever changed, however, when I began practicing Reiki. After my very first session, it was as if a light “literally” went off within me, triggering a response which I can only describe as miraculous. I felt myself beginning to heal on all levels, beyond the physical body, to deeper levels of my mind, emotions and spirit.


This new light illuminated patterns, thoughts, feelings, and memories that I was holding onto which no longer served me. I recognized these emotions and memories and became willing to let them go. I knew that Reiki was a method I needed to explore further. I have since become a Usui Reiki master teacher and a Lightarian Reiki master.


But this path has not been easy. It has taken courage, discipline and inner strength to dig deep and truly heal on all levels. I now consider myself a pioneer for those who are also awakening to the light within them. Those who are tired of merely "masking the symptoms" of an illness or chronic stress, living with emotional turbulence, seeking more inner calm, or those who are ready to unleash the healer within them and harness their true healing abilities, you have found a virtual wellness haven here. You can also join us in The Healer Within free group to connect with other like-minded people.