How to Heal Your Sacral Chakra

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Chakras circulate life force energy through the body to ensure vitality. This life energy comes from the Divine and holds all Universal wisdom. Your natural state is intuitive, creative, and full of vital life force energy! You already have these qualities within you. In our busy, and often stressful, lives it can be easy to forget the wisdom and energy that’s within us.

When your chakras cleansed and healed,  you can easily commune with the Divine to receive guidance and support for your life.

I provided this simple guide to help you clear and heal your sacral chakra imbalances to increase your creativity, improve your health and establish more fulfilling relationships.

Whether it’s time for you to make a positive change in your life, restore balance or move through blocks, these techniques can support you.

Clearing and healing your chakras allows more life force energy through the core of your body along this axis of your spinal cord. Through healing these sacred centers, you will become more awakened, feel more alive, and have the ability to transform your life and the world. The techniques mentioned in this document will assist you in transmuting blocks within your sacral chakra to help you reach your full potential and achieve higher levels of self-expression, creativity, physical well-being and more!

The Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana)

 The second of the 7 main energy centers is called the sacral chakra. It’s located a couple of inches below your naval near your pelvis area. This chakra vibrates a little bit faster than the root chakra so it appears as a vibrant shade of orange.

 The sacral chakra is connected to your ability to enjoy the physical pleasures of life. It’s responsible for your overall well-being and sense of deservingness. Do you feel that you are deserving of the good things life has to offer? This will determine the extent to which you are able to receive pleasure and abundance. If you don’t believe that you deserve pleasure, this chakra may become imbalanced. The sacral also represents physical reproduction and the birth of creativity and ideas.

 This chakra is influenced by your ideas about pleasure and how you perceive your own sexuality. A positive and wholesome attitude about sexuality can help you establish more fulfillment, joy, and a deep, loving relationship with another.

 The sacral chakra also governs the appetite and lessons revolve around knowing when enough is enough.

 Whenever there is a blockage in the sacral chakra, non-physical signs can also manifest. If you are not allowing pleasure and well-being, frustration will build up. This frustration may be due to a lack of love, sex, joy, and money. Focusing on being grateful for what you have can release much of this frustration.

 As you begin to clear and transmute any blocks in your sacral chakra that are holding you back, you will have a more balanced lifestyle focused on positive emotional expression of what you have and do. You will experience a stronger flow of life force energy, improving your immune system to keep you healthy & active.


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The PDF includes:

Sacral Chakra Healing Guide
  • A Quiz to determine if your Sacral Chakra is imbalanced

  • A healing Angel Prayer to Cleanse and Heal Your Sacral Chakra
  • A List of crystals to help balance your sacral chakra
  • Positive daily affirmations to heal your Sacral Chakra