How to Make Visual Image Cards

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The Power of Visualizing


On my wedding day, I stood there staring out the window looking at dark clouds and the pouring rain. It wasn't exactly what I had imagined the day to be like. A year prior, I started planning and visualizing a beautiful fall garden wedding. I wanted to be married outside, surrounded by nature in the crisp New England fall weather. 

Well, mother nature had different plans that day. But, instead of getting upset or worrying about it, I had faith that everything was going to work out. 


For months before the wedding, I had visualized walking down the aisle outside in the garden. I had seen it in my mind so many times, I had no doubt that it was going to happen. I created an intention for our wedding day and read it over and over each day leading up to the wedding. I had used all of my senses to image it and feel exactly how I wanted to feel that day. I had mentally rehearsed it as if it were already happening. 

In the house where we were getting ready, everyone kept bringing me their cellphones to show me the radar. "It's going to clear up after this band of storms pass through". I smiled and nodded. I sat there calmly getting my hair and make-up done, saying silent prayers, rehearsing the mental image I had seen in my mind so many times.

When we drove from the house to the ceremony site, the rain seemed to be letting up. But, we still did not know if the ceremony would be outside in the garden, or under the reception tent. Either way, I knew it would be fine. But, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised that it ended up being outside! They had started to set up for it inside, but the rain had ended just in time for the ceremony and they decided to move everything outside at the last minute. 

It was a little cool and a little damp, but it was beautiful. 

I love to see the sun peeking out behind the dark clouds. It reminds me of the song, "Here Comes the Sun" and symbolizes our new life together.

I love to see the sun peeking out behind the dark clouds. It reminds me of the song, "Here Comes the Sun" and symbolizes our new life together.


I practice visualization regularly! Why? Because the Universe responds to your vibration, A.K.A Feelings. I close my eyes and visualize exactly what I desire using all of my senses to imagine the situation occurring exactly as I'd hope, right now. I create a clear image and strong feeling of what it is I want to manifest. I focus on this regularly until it becomes my reality. I select one or two particular areas of my life to focus on at a time (health, relationship, creative project, finances, etc.) 

How to Enhance It With Intentions + Images

To make this practice even more powerful...

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  1. Select an image that represents the situation you desire (you can just do a Google search and save the images that inspire you and make you feel good).

  2. Then, create a positive intention. Write a detailed description of the situation in present tense as if it is happening right now.

  3. Type the intention over the image and print it out.

  4. Read it each day, up to 3X per day. Close your eyes after you read it and visualize the situation happening in your mind. See it clearly and vividly. Hear the sounds and conversations. Make it real...not just a wishful fantasy.

  5. Most importantly, FEEL it in your heart and with all your being that this is real for you now. And, eventually, it will be!

Visualization is just one component of my daily ritual. I try to follow the S.P.I.R.I.T. formula as often as possible. When I commit to this regularly, it has a positive impact on all areas of my life! 

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