How to Protect Your Energy Field

golden bubble.png

I was inspired to write about this today because many of you in my online community have expressed how you have felt tired, run down and overwhelmed lately.

You are likely highly sensitive and empathic. This is a blessing and a gift, but it can also mean that you often feel drained when around groups of people, when you are on a computer for too long, or from watching the news, etc.

I wanted to share a simple meditative prayer for protection that I use nearly every day. Working with the golden ray of light and Archangel Michael brings in strong protective powers. This is not only good for physical protection but is essential in protecting yourself from other people drawing on your subtle energy body (aura and chakras) and your spiritual power.

This is a quick meditation that you could do each morning before starting your day. You’ll feel surrounded and protected by golden healing light. And you’ll be uplifted and resilient to the lower energies around you.

Steps for the Meditative Prayer for Protection

(adapted from Communing With the Divine by Barbara Martin and Dimitri Moraitis)

  • To begin, choose a quiet place to do the meditation. You’ll want a place away from noise and any distractions.

  • Reflect upon what it is you are requesting from the Divine (in this case, protection).

  • Begin by sitting in a chair or on a sofa with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight.In this type of meditation, it’s not recommended to have your legs crossed. The energy will be coming down from your Higher Self above your head and flowing through you so you don’t want to inhibit the flow of energy in any way.

  • Try to relax, yet remain alert and awake.

  • Take a few deep clearing breaths in and out.

  • Gently close your eyes.

  • Imagine the Divine showering you with beautiful protective light.

  • Now put your attention on your Higher Self point (some refer to this as the 8th chakra) about 2 ft. above your head.

  • See this point as a radiant golden sun comprised of all the colors of the rainbow.

  • As you place your attention on your Higher Self point, let go of all your earthly worries and concerns. You’re in a sacred space now and you want to feel completely connected with the divine.

  • As you place attention on your Higher Self point, feel it pulsating with light and power.