LISTEN: How to receive guidance from God and the angels

I’ve been writing and talking a lot in our group about the Faith Formula. Today, I’d like to focus on the 4th, and probably most important, step: Receive. And by receive I mean, LISTEN to the guidance coming your way.

  • Ask (prayer)

  • Believe (affirmations)

  • Feel (visualizations)

  • Receive (meditation)

A lot of people pray, say affirmations and visualize yet they still don’t receive an answer to their prayers. Why is this? Because they aren’t open to receiving. Usually, they have a predetermined outcome and anything less they dismiss or disregard. Or, they don’t take the time to get quiet and really listen. You have to be open to guidance. You have to accept that your prayers may be answered in unexpected ways! If you’re not, you will miss signs and opportunities that could be part of your answer. One of the best ways to receive is through meditation. But, there are several others ways to receive guidance as well.

You can take any area of your life that you have a concern about or need guidance about and pray for answers, such as:

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Relationships

  • Career

It’s a good idea to start with small steps, especially if you are not accustomed to using the Faith Formula regularly.

It’s like a muscle. The more you use it, the more it will grow. Your faith will increase as you begin to see the positive results from the actions you take based on the guidance you're given. You have to trust and take action. This is important. You can’t pray and hope for the best. You can’t wait for someone to swoop in and do the work for you. You must take inspired action. This is how prayers are answered! Then, with consistency and practice, you might begin to receive larger, more life-changing and transformative guidance.



If you pray to God, the angels, Jesus, or your own higher-self, it’s important to really listen for answers. You must talk less and listen more. Let go of worries about the outcome (a worried mind is full of mental chatter and cannot hear guidance clearly). Trust that God and the angels have heard your prayers. Remain in faith with inner peace and calm and listen. If it seems like they’re not answering your prayers, it’s probably because you’re not really listening to their answers. Find a quiet place with the intention of listening to the angels (or God, Jesus, the Universe, your higher-self).

Meditation does not have to be complicated, formulaic or long. There are numerous forms of meditation. This topic goes well beyond what I can describe here. Choose a method that works best for you and use it consistently. The simplest thing you can do is just take a few minutes each day to sit quietly, close your eyes, relax and listen for guidance. Every form of meditation is powerful, because whenever you remove your attention from your worries and focus it on something soothing and relaxing, we rest and heal. If you really want a resolution, get quiet, and receive. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and …..listen.

When you worry, you can exhaust yourself so much that eventually you must relax, and in your relaxed state come your answers.

In addition to meditation, you can receive guidance through your feelings. Receiving guidance in any form may also be referred to as using your intuition. In the book,  Nutrition for Intuition, Doreen Virtue and Robert reeves define intuition as:

“ Intuition is your ability to receive and interpret Divine healing and supportive messages for your journey. It gives you the clarity that you are going in the right direction, and to understand what changes you need to make in your life."

Your intuition is the connection you have with God, angels and the Universe. As you continue your daily spiritual practice, you will increase your ability to receive and recognize the messages they are sending you. When you are calm, relaxed, and have a peaceful, quiet mind, it’s easier for you to listen.

You may be familiar with the 4 clair’s. You have five senses that you use on a daily basis to experience the physical world around you. But, you also have inner-senses that you use to perceive energy.

They are:

  1. Clairsentience = clear feeling

  2. Clairvoyance = clear seeing

  3. Clairaudience = clear hearing

  4. Claircognizance = clear thinking or knowing

You use these whether you realize it or not. This most likely happens on a subconscious level. Everyone has these gifts. Everyone has the ability to fine-tune any of these inner senses; especially if one desires to receive Divine guidance on a more regular basis.

The world is changing. More and more people are aware of and are openly speaking about these spiritual gifts (including myself). The ability to sense and work with energy is also becoming more and more common. I envision a world where this will be a completely normal practice one day. We will look back and think how crazy it was that we went so long without tapping into and utilizing these gifts that are available to us and within us.

I think the two inner senses that one could begin developing most easily are feeling and thinking. You do not have to have a special degree or training to develop in any of these areas. The ability and power is already within you. It just takes your willingness to awaken these abilities with the pure intentions of improving your life and, most importantly,  the life of others.

Many people receive guidance using a combination of these four inner senses. But, I personally think that clairsentience is the most common and easiest to recognize. This is when you might catch yourself saying something like, “I just had a gut feeling” or “I have butterflies in my stomach”.  This type of "listening" doesn’t require meditation. It just requires you to pay attention to your feelings and recognize these as signs and answers to your prayers. You may notice these sensations in your solar plexus (stomach/upper abdomen) and heart chakras. You may feel your heart rate change. It could increase due to excitement and joy you have about an idea, or due to nervousness. You may also feel tension in your muscles, or feel “sick to your stomach”.

Clear feeling means your body is attuned to the energies around you and react to them accordingly. It’s important that you don’t just brush off these feelings and disregard them. Start to develop an awareness of the physical and emotional feelings you get when thinking about a person or situation, or pondering a decision you have to make. How does it make you feel? This is your inner guidance system. This is (whether you realize it or not), guidance from the Divine. Pay attention.

I personally tend to use my inner-sense of Claircognizance most often now that I have been working with and perceiving energy for awhile. A clear thought or knowing about something seems to come quickly and easily to me now. I trust these thoughts and ideas as Divine guidance and take action accordingly. You can also develop this, and the other inner senses, with regular practice.

This was just a brief overview of how you can begin to listen for guidance and answers to your prayers. You can practice daily meditation to receive guidance in the form of thoughts and ideas and become more aware of your feelings.

Your intention is what is most important. And if you begin to question whether the messages are real or if you’re making them up, consider this:

God is within you working through you. Your main purpose is to remember this truth. And when you do, everything will become clear and you will feel peace instead of worry, trust instead of doubt, and faith instead of fear.

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Which of the 4 inner-senses do you use most often? Let me know in the comments below!