The Faith Formula


The Faith Formula- 4 Daily Steps to Let go of Worry

There really is nothing to fear or worry about.

I hate to spoil the ending for you, but everything's going to be okay! Worry is epidemic in our society, but if we pause and really get in touch with our inner self, spend some time to listening to the wisdom that is within us, we can find a peaceful energy and allow our highest desires to manifest!  

Faith comes from having confidence in something greater than your physical self. You may call this God, the Divine, the Universe, or your own higher self. There is infinite wisdom within us, a source that we are all connected to and have the ability to tap into whenever we desire!

When you reconnect with this source and have faith that there is a team of spiritual beings who are guiding and supporting you, your fears and worries will subside.

There is no need to worry when you have faith that all is working out according to Divine plan and timing. It sets your mind at ease. Reconnecting with the Divine and trusting in the support I was receiving from the spiritual realm, transformed my life.

I let go of trying to control everything. I stopped fighting life and started flowing with the current.  I started accepting who I was. I allowed myself to be guided. I trusted the guidance. I took actions that have resulted in the most miraculous and positive outcomes.

I do credit Reiki for helping me open up to this Source and reconnecting with my own higher self. When I was struggling with pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia and the side effects of all of the prescription drugs, I was so focused on my physical body; merely masking symptoms but not really healing.

I was not aware of my subtle energy body. I was not allowing life force energy to flow through me. Due to the prescription drugs and other ways I was coping with the pain, such as fast processed foods, alcohol, and other recreational drugs, I became numb. I was not able to connect with Source.

But through this reconnection, I was able to heal on all levels, in my mind, body, spirit and emotions. My faith was ignited and my worries subsided. Following the 4 daily steps of the Faith Formula has been tremendously helpful.

Jesus said, “We all, with faith, potentially have the power to heal.”


This is the ultimate Faith Formula:

  • Ask (prayer)

  • Believe (affirmations)

  • Feel (visualizations)

  • Receive (meditation)


Help is always available, but only if you ask! When you pray, make sure your words are positive and full of faith! Prayers that include negativity or low vibration words and energy don’t work. When your vibration is low, it’s hard for higher, lighter vibration beings receive them! When your words are negative in any way, you are attracting more of what you don’t want.

Don’t pray haphazardly, without faith that your prayers will be answered. Have complete conviction that they are being heard and will be answered. It’s also not necessary to be too specific with your prayers. Sometimes we think we know the best way for a problem to be solved. However, God is really the only one who knows what’s best and for the highest good of all concerned. Be open to different solutions or ideas than you had planned!

You could simply say: “God, help me with this, please!”  Prayer can be that simple!




  1. Something believed; an opinion or conviction:

  2. Confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof

Belief is powerful. When you believe, then you will see (and NOT the other way around!) Your faith is demonstrated by the power of your beliefs. One way to make your beliefs evident is by regularly repeating positive affirmations. Write an affirmation that is relevant to the situation you are worried about. Reframe your worry as a positive statement. 

Try it!

When I was fed up with worrying about my illness (fibromyalgia) and ready to reverse my symptoms, I would regularly affirm:

“I am ready to release this pain, depression, and exhaustion.”

“I am open to receive health, happiness, and vitality in my life.”

Try it:

“I am ready to release __________________________________.”

“I am open to receive ___________________________________.”



Use all of your senses to visualize the best possible outcome or solution to your prayer. This does not have to be difficult. You can simply take a few minutes each morning and run the situation through your mind like a movie playing out. Imagine you are sitting in a theater and you are looking down at a stage below you. Visualize the situation playing out exactly as you would like. Imagine as if it has already happened.

  • When does this happen?

  • Where did it happen?

  • What does it look like?

  • Who is involved?

  • What do they do?

  • How do you feel?

  • How do they feel?

Other forms of visualization include vision boards, mind movies, and picture cards. I have used all three! All of these tools are effective. However, the one that I use the most consistently is picture cards. The reason this technique is so powerful is because you are actually combining affirmations with visualizations. It is also easy to remember when you keep a set on your nightstand and/or on your desk.


A lot of people pray, say affirmations and visualize yet they still don’t receive an answer to their prayers. Why is this? Because they aren’t open to receive. Usually, they have a predetermined outcome and anything less they dismiss. You have to be open to guidance. You have to accept that your prayers may be answered in unexpected ways! If you’re not, you will miss signs and opportunities that could be part of your answer. The best way to receive is through meditation.

Meditation does not have to be complicated, formulaic or long. There are numerous forms of meditation. This topic goes well beyond what I can describe in this book. Choose a method that works best for you and use it consistently. The simplest thing you can do is just take a few minutes each day to sit quietly, close your eyes, relax and listen for guidance. Every form of meditation is powerful, because whenever you remove your attention from your worries and focus it on something soothing and relaxing, we rest and heal. If you really want a resolution, get quiet, and receive.

When you worry, you can exhaust yourself so much that eventually you must relax, and in your relaxed state come your answers.

Other ways to receive guidance:

  • Automatic writing~ Get a journal. Ask a question. Then, just write! Don’t stop writing. You can set a timer if you’d like (for 5 min. or so). Just write down whatever comes to you without judgment. Keep your pen moving the whole time. I do not recommend using a computer or electronic device to type. There is something sacred about putting pen to paper.

  • Dreams~ Before you go to bed, ask your subconscious to show you a solution to your problem. Ask to be shown what actions you should take. Ask to remember the details in the morning. Then, write down everything you can remember when you wake-up.

  • Signs~ Ask for signs. Signs come in funny ways sometimes, such as a song lyric or a conversation with someone. It could also be a feather, a bird, or phrase on a billboard or appear to "come out of the blue". Angel numbers can also sign for you to pay attention to. You can look up the meaning of number sequences that you see repeatedly.

  • Angel cards~ Use any deck of angel cards you feel drawn to. Ask a question. Shuffle until you feel like stopping or a card pops up. Anyone can use these cards for guidance. You don’t have to be certified. It’s simple and effective.

This Faith Formula (Ask. Believe. Feel. Receive.) has worked wonders for me! I have received signs in so many unexpected ways and received guidance in form of automatic writing (notebooks full of ideas). Whether you believe it’s God, Jesus or Angels, or simply your own higher-self sending you these messages, the key is to have faith, trust the guidance and take action!

I would actually make Take Action step #5 after the Faith Formula. You must take action on the guidance you receive in order for your desires to manifest. 

Prayer without action is futile. When you take action on the guidance you receive you are telling the universe that you have trust and as a result, you will continue to receive a steady flow of guidance whenever you ask!  Following this Faith Formula on a regular basis will bring you comfort, peace of mind, guidance, and a stronger connection to Source.

Exercising faith also applies to other people. You must realize that god/source/spirit is in them just as much as in you. Our friends and loved ones are on their own path. It was a huge weight off my shoulders when I realized this. We don't have to worry about others, that's not our job. You can have concern for them, but there is no need to worry about them. This does no good for them or for you.

Have faith that they are watched over and are following the path they are meant to according to Divine will. If they ask for help, or you feel guided to take action to support them in some way, then do it! But, sitting around chronically worrying will not be helpful and will only take away your peace. 

You can download the poster of The Faith Formula to be your daily reminder to use this powerful process! 

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