Distant Reiki Healing

If there is anything you want, use your mind to visualize it, and then open your heart to receive it. Harness the powerful energy of this full moon Lunar Eclipse in capricorn. It’s a time to finally let go of what no longer supports you.

You will receive Reiki at 9:00 pm your time (wherever you are in the world). Reiki transcends time and space.


Make a donation in any amount...

If you would like like to receive distant Reiki and Chakra Balancing from Andrea during the full moon and Lunar Eclipse, please offer an energy exchange for this service by making a donation in any amount that you'd like. Even $5 will solidify your willingness and intention to receive this healing energy. A donation is not necessary in order to receive Reiki, but it will balance the law of giving and receiving in a healthy and harmonious way!


"I am linked with the unlimited abundance of the universe."