“An amazing experience.”

Andrea is an amazing individual who has opened my eyes to a whole different world. She goes above and beyond and has helped me in so many ways. Having fibromyalgia and other health issues take over my life, I decided enough was enough and tried her services. My thought was "how could it hurt?" My reaction now is: look at how it changed my outlook on pain, on health, and on life in general. Andrea is amazing to work with, and I will continue to seek her services for a very long time. Words can't describe the experiences -- please see for yourself.

— Lorissa.M., CT

“I am now pain free!”

After experiencing several sessions with Andrea, I realized the powers of self-healing and tools for managing daily living with a more positive outlook. (The sky isn't falling!) The most noticeable physical change/healing Andrea has helped me with was eliminating the pain and discomfort I had for some time in my right hip. I am now pain free!

— Lynda M., CT

I am grateful for Andrea and the services she offers. She is so open and you can really feel her spirit. I have been able to feel a deeper connection to my body, mind, and spirit. After a session I feel no arthritis pain and so much calm, with a greater sense of peace and harmony. I have learned a lot about helping myself.
— Shelly Ranney

“Andrea is a Master of Reiki."

Andrea is a master of reiki and incorporates healing crystals and stones as well as angel therapy into her practice. If you are looking for these types of healing services, I highly recommend Andrea. Reiki has been transformative for me.

- Irene Hilbert


“My stress levels decreased dramatically!"

I cannot speak highly enough about my experiences with Andrea. I had never even heard of Reiki, and happened to receive a short treatment during a Yoga class. I went from being a non-believer to "all-in" in a matter of minutes. Andrea has a way of making you feel completely relaxed and open to new experiences. After receiving Reiki from Andrea I found that I was happier and able to more easily see the beauty in the everyday. My stress levels decreased dramatically (which is saying a lot considering I'm a high strung Type A person!). Overall, I just felt like a better person now. I'm so blessed and thankful to have crossed paths with such an amazing woman!

— Mary Semeraro

I have to be honest, I am a changed person inside and out. Some things that have changed in my life after working with Andrea is that I am a much calmer, caring individual. I have become more aware of other’s feelings, as well as my own feelings and how to keep them in a positive, caring place. Working with Andrea is like working with an angel that has so much love, trust and abundance. You can’t help but fall in love with her great personality and her commitment to her work. I would highly recommend becoming a member so you can experience these results for yourself.
— Cathy Rivera, New fairfield, CT