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Essential Healing For Your Spirit And Soul

20 Spiritual Practitioners Share Wisdom and Inspiration to Create Life-Changing Transformation and Healing.

Essential Healing For Your Spirit And Soul is a collaboration of 20 spiritual healers from all areas of spirituality and healing practices who provide wisdom and insight for those of you seeking what’s next; those of you struggling to find your purpose, balance or spirituality in your life; and those of you who may be called to the healing profession.


The Daily Calm Toolkit ($27 Value)

This toolkit contains an Ebook, an audio book, a downloadable poster and a guided meditation mp3. The guided meditation will purify and replenish your entire energy body, including your aura and chakras. It will provide mental and emotional cleansing. Andrea works with the healing energies of Divine Lightarian Reiki, healing Rays of light, angels, archangels, and ascended masters, bringing you a feeling of relaxation and inner peace through her words. The background music  promotes deep relaxation with subliminal binaural tones for brainwave entrainment. This toolkit will help you: 

·      Let go of worry

·      Release anxious thoughts

·      Increase your  faith

·      Feel relaxed and peaceful

·      Discover more inner-strength and self-confidence

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