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REAL healing is possible.

Hi, I’m Andrea.

 Part practical, part spiritual. Crazy about crystals. Believer in angels and miracles.

Lifelong educator and literacy coach. Self-healing enthusiast. 

I work with healers, and aspiring healers, who are in search of inner-peace, daily calm and confidence, providing them the tools and guidance they need to truly heal themselves on all levels while learning how to help others do the same. 

Through this online community, I provide women just like you the tools, resources and support necessary to overcome stress, worry and anxiety; to let go of the past and live in the present; and to inspire them to heal both their own selves as well as others.

If you’ve ever felt isolated, scared, excluded or confused due to your innate desire and precious calling to heal and help others heal themselves, this community is for you. You’ll harness your own strength and intuition to move past stress, negativity and worry, learning how to grow both personally and spiritually to achieve a greater sense of self, of happiness, confidence and inner-peace.

~ Andrea Frasier has been called an “Earth Angel.”

Healing was my calling.

Why did I develop this vibrant community? So you can:

  • Learn how to deeply heal yourself and others on all levels of mind, body, spirit and emotions

  • Learn to trust yourself and your abilities

  • Trust in Divine inspiration & guidance

  • Eliminate self-doubt and worry

  • Increase your self-confidence as a healer

  • Share your light and love with others

  • Let go of stress and anxiety so you can live a peaceful life

  • Create a life full of happiness, healing, and harmony

  • Follow your passions and fulfill your Divine purpose here

My desire and passion for helping others heal themselves has been inspired and encouraged by my own journey towards a happier, more harmonious life filled with peace, calm and clarity.

Read about my journey to discover how I learned to let go and truly heal myself.

About Andrea

 Andrea is a down-to-earth spiritual teacher and guide.  She is a compassionate Reiki master teacher, transformational coach, author, and certified crystal healer. Her innate ability to connect with clients and help them find their inner-healer, sets her apart in the field of energy healing.


Her passion is to help others heal from the inside out and discover their own healing potential. Andrea believes that everyone has a healer within them, and is determined to help others activate their healing abilities!

Andrea holds a Master’s degree in education; is a National Board certified teacher, Reiki master teacher (RMT), certified transformational coach and angel card reader. Her areas of study include: energy healing, chakra balancing, crystal healing, connecting with angels, A Course in Miracles, and Ho’oponopono. She provides sessions in person in RI and virtually, all around the world.

Andrea offers classes, programs, on-line courses, in addition to facilitating The Healer Within Academy. Her healing methods include Reiki, (including the higher, more ethereal vibration of Lightarian Reiki), crystals, and angel therapy.

She credits the 5 Reiki principles for bringing about significant healing and transformation in her life. As a result, she shares practical ways that women can integrate them into their lives to bring about health, happiness and inner peace. She provides useful insights and tips about all of these topics on her blog.  

You can read more about her incredible healing journey here

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