How I Can Help

Through online courses, group coaching programs and one to one sessions, I will help you return to wholeness. Restore wellness in mind, body, and spirit. My services are designed to facilitate a reconnection within yourself, no matter where you are on your journey of healing of spiritual growth you will learn how to awaken, heal and Shine more brightly than ever before. 

Get ready to SHINE


Sacred Space Makeover & Aroma Reiki Training are self-paced online courses.


The Academy and The Chakra Activation Method are two live online group coaching programs.


Align and Shine is a new one to one soul purpose and business coaching program. 

Online Reiki Classes

Shine Reiki Training (SRT) offers live online certification classes in Reiki Level I, II and Master Teacher.

Membership Community

The Shine Collective is a monthly membership to deepen your Reiki practice and spiritual growth.

1:1 Healing & Transformation

In-person and online Reiki, aromatherapy and transformational coaching sessions. 

Transformational Coaching & Healing Sessions

Andrea is currently offering In-Person Aroma Reiki sessions & Shine Your Light Transformational Coaching & Healing package. 


Self Study Online Course

It's time to replenish your Soul & refresh your Space!

Does your Sacred Space need a makeover?

All those unfinished tasks and clutter can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted.

It's time to achieve that ideal balance of peace within you and around you.

The Sacred Space Makeover mini-course will help you do just that!


Group Coaching Programs

Andrea facilitates two live group coaching programs, The Awaken, Heal & Shine Academy in October and The Chakra Activation Method (CAM) in February. Enrollment is currently closed.


1:1 Business Coaching

The brightest people help other people Shine! Let me help you Align with your true purpose so you can SHINE more brightly in the world and make the impact you were created to make. 

Have you wanted to grow your heart-centered business (energy healing, Reiki, essential oils, or coaching, etc.), but feel stuck or unsure how to grow it successfully? Do you doubt whether your services, programs, course and /or website names are truly aligned with your soul’s purpose?

One piece that was missing from all of the business programs I have taken was how to ensure the concept and ideas for developing my business were actually based on my Soul Blueprint, my unique gifts and talents and my ultimate Soul Destiny (in hindsight...this would have saved me a lot of time & money).

This is all part of the outline in the Align & Shine soul alignment coaching program. It is limited to a small number of people due to the individualized nature. 

This is a 12-week private coaching program intended to support your efforts to identify and align with your sacred Soul purpose, and to clarify and work through anything that prevents you from honoring it. It is designed to promote self-awareness and self-improvement.

In the 12 weeks together, I will help you align with your soul blueprint so you can create a soul aligned life and business that allows you to truly SHINE!

Soul purpose coaching is a form of coaching that is designed to help individuals find and fulfill their life's purpose. This is based on my belief that each person has a unique purpose and mission in life, and that by discovering and following that purpose, you can experience greater fulfillment, joy, and success in your life.

You will deeply explore your core values, passions, strengths, and goals, as well as any obstacles or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from fully living your purpose. Through a combination of introspection, reflection, and action-oriented exercises, you will gain greater clarity and insight into your purpose and how to best live it.

Life and business doesn't have to be so hard. When you learn to listen to your true Soul's calling and move confidently down that path, you will find ease, flow and freedom! 

Take a moment to get still and ask yourself if this is your next step. If it is, know that all you need will be provided for you on your journey of discovering your true calling and creating a business you are destined to create. I, your own guides, God the Divine Creator, and other earthy and heavenly angels will be present to support you as you take this next step. 

Kristina Diamond ~ Glastonbury, CT

Mindfulness Coach & Meditation Teacher

I would definitely recommend this program to others! In fact, I've already talked about it to a few of my friends. I've taken many courses and programs with Andrea, and everything is clearly outlined from the beginning and easy to follow. I think anyone who is interested in launching a healing arts business would greatly benefit from this coaching program.

Shannon Blatchford ~ Okotoks, Alberta Canada

 Because of Energy, 'Divine Healing'

Having worked with Andrea over the past 3 years - her style was true to form - organized / precise & impeccable with her presentation. She listened patiently and provided knowledgeable feedback for me to work with. I would highly recommend this program for anyone serious about building a spiritual business with a strong foundation. Andrea has created a stellar program that cuts through all the hype / the left brain part of putting together a thriving spiritual business. Her experience and wisdom SHINES through her presentation as she guides us through a well planned & thought out program to guide us to creating what we came here to create!

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Chakra Healing Meditation + Chakra Oils Ebook + Poster

Through the combination of proven healing methods, this audio & guidebook will help you:

  • Clear¬†any negative energy you are holding in your chakras and subtle energy bodies
  • Release¬†imprints that are blocking you from living a happy, healthy, and peaceful life
  • Transform¬†your entire body, mind, and soul with healing energy and your angelic guides
  • Balance¬†your chakras using specific essential oils